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Wooden Rattan Sticks Diffuser

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Wooden Rattan Sticks Diffuser

The Scent Company Milano wooden rattan sticks diffusers include an array of prestigious fragrances. They can also incorporate your own tailored signature scent, so you may choose your favourite fragrance to infuse your branded environment and promote a sense of well-being and pleasure.

The diffusers allow to extend the olfactory branding project inside smaller branded spaces, without the use of professional high-tech fragrance machines, so they are the perfect choice for living rooms, hotel single rooms and bathrooms, retail stores and SPAs. The best way to choose the right size of the rattan sticks diffuser is to identify the area size of the space you want to scent. The 200 ml capacity is usually suitable for ambiances with an area of 8-10 sqm.


Net Wt. 200 ml

Wooden Cylinder Vase with discreet silk-screen print or branded label, with 34 cm rattan sticks and 1 refill included

Made in Italy, Branded Boxes of the Cylinder vase and of rattan sticks included

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